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Year 8 Foundation English – Exam Review

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

This week Year 8 students are reviewing grammar and language in anticipation of successfully completing – and hopefully passing – their end of Term 1 Final exam.

Mr. David Henderson was hand to put them through their paces for their online review using Schoology. Schoology can be a useful tool for learning grammar and students can monitor their own progess via a series of online tests and quizzes to enhance their use of tenses and learn various concepts, phrases and vocabulary within the English language.

Written by Mr. David Henderson

David  Henderson – Review_T1_Final_7
David  Henderson – Review_T1_Final_6
David  Henderson – Review_T1_Final_5
David  Henderson – Review_T1_Final_4
David  Henderson – Review_T1_Final_3
David  Henderson – Review_T1_Final_2
David  Henderson – Review_T1_Final_1
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