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Year 8 English – Vocabulary

September 10, 2018

This week in Assumption College English Program, the Year 8 students are continuing their studies from the text Gateway B1+ in Unit 4: Feed Your Mind. This particular unit is all based around food and the description of food. We are learning about the future of food and how to use future continuous and future perfect tenses of verbs during our written and speaking activities.

Today the students are working in small groups as they investigate real menus in order to understand the vocabulary relating to food. They also gain an understanding of different layouts of restaurant menus. In a scavenger hunt-type format, students are encouraged to work in teams to extract particular information from various menus containing both western and Thai food options.

This activity is a warm up to the students completing a project of their own in which small groups will be tasked with creating their own restaurant menus with an emphasis on grammar, vocabulary and creativity.

Keep up the good work Year 8 students!

Written by Mr. Thomas Caves

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