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Year 8 English – PowerPoint Presentations

August 16, 2019

For the past two weeks, the Year 8 students in Supplemental English have been presenting their term 1 projects. It is the culmination of 10 weeks of independent research. The students were asked to choose a topic of their interest, and then to become experts on that topic. They were then required to synthesize their knowledge into a PowerPoint presentation and share the information with classmates. Topics ranged from major historical events like World War 1 and environmental disasters such as the Chernobyl explosion to technological advances like the airplane and the personal computer. The overall response from students to this project was very positive, and their dedication and hard work is as admirable as it is evident. Kudos to the Year 8 students for their commitment to excellence.

Text written by Stephen Daily

Stephen Daily – P_20190726_093436_vHDR_On (2)
Stephen Daily – P_20190726_113131_vHDR_On (2)
Stephen Daily – P_20190726_114717_1_vHDR_On (2)
Stephen Daily – P_20190726_130401_vHDR_On (2)
Stephen Daily – P_20190802_084258_vHDR_On (2)
Stephen Daily – P_20190802_085033_vHDR_On (2)
Stephen Daily – P_20190802_085646_vHDR_On (2)
Stephen Daily – P_20190802_090415_vHDR_On (2)
Stephen Daily – P_20190802_091623_vHDR_On (2)
Stephen Daily – P_20190802_094031_vHDR_On (2)
Stephen Daily – P_20190802_110618_vHDR_On (2)
Stephen Daily – P_20190805_092253_vHDR_On (2)
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