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Year 8 – Developing Life Skills Through Sport!

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Just in time for the season of eating and spending time with our families, students in Y8 are learning about the plethora of transferable life skills that are obtained through sports. They are comparing and contrasting the differing skills when it comes to individual sports and team sports, while maintaining to focus on the primary benefits to their social lives and overall health! Students are given the opportunity to research and discover new sports from around the world and share their passion for local sports that are popular in Thailand and South East Asia. Students are discovering new life skills such as teamwork, winning and losing with class and humility and the highs and lows of success through the pursuit of sports.

Text written by Mr. Nolan Harvey

Nolan Harvey – December-1
Nolan Harvey – December-8
Nolan Harvey – December-7
Nolan Harvey – December-6
Nolan Harvey – December-5
Nolan Harvey – December-4
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