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Year 8 Computing – My First iPhone App

February 13, 2019

Year 8 students have been studying coding since Year 7, but are now learning the basics of creating graphical apps for iOS using Apple’s XCode software. All iPhone, iPad and Mac apps are built using XCode, which allows developers to write code, design the layout of their app, and test their app on simulated devices, right on their Mac.

Students find it very exciting to design their first app, and they may optionally load their app on their own iPhone too. To get our feet wet, we keep it simple: their app displays their favorite image. In later assignments, students learn how to add multiple views to display text, graphics and controls, and add multiple pages, sounds and interactivity to their apps.

Software development skills are essential for today’s students, and using professional tools to design real apps removes the mystery surrounding how they are built and appear on our devices. As you can see, it’s also a lot of fun!

Text by Mr. Andrei Androsoff

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