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Year 7 – The Joy of Reading

January 11, 2018

In year 7 Reading class at ACEP, students have completed numerous whole-class reading lessons, where all students are engaged with the same text and the teacher is able to focus on specific vocabulary and reading skills. However, it is equally important that students develop an affinity for reading by being given a choice in what they read. Therefore, Year 7 students also get to enjoy periodic trips to the Regina Coeli library to choose their own English language books to read. The teacher approves each text to ensure that the content is suitable for each student’s age and ability. Afterward, each student completes a “book review” in which they write a short report on their chosen text.

In choosing their own reading materials, students can learn to actually enjoy reading in English. Reading for pleasure has been linked to academic achievement and positive emotional and social well-being. Therefore, in Year 7 Reading class, students have the opportunity to learn about topics of interest to them or to explore new imaginative worlds to develop their creativity and imagination.

Written by Mr. Douglas Mulvaney

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