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Year 7 Science Projects

February 22, 2019

For the past two weeks in ACEP, Year 7 have been working very hard on their science projects, alongside Mr. Adrian Fee. There have been a lot of great ideas flowing around the Year 7 and science rooms, with the students deciding on some fantastic ideas to begin to experiment with.

Some great experiment ideas included measuring the acceleration of small cars with a change in angles, measuring the pH of different brands of water to see which was the most acidic/alkaline, and even using lemons to power light bulbs.

The aim of the science projects was for the students to gain a better understanding of the scientific method. This involves designing experiments in order to answer big questions proposed by the students – for example, “How many lemons does it take to power a light bulb?” A method in order to test this question would be designed and results would be measured. This is the foundation of science – asking big questions, designing experiments to try and answer those questions, and drawing conclusions from the results.

Year 7 had a fantastic time designing their projects, and are among some of the best science projects that Mr. Adrian has seen. Well done!

Adrian Fee – IMG_3006
Adrian Fee – IMG_3013
Adrian Fee – IMG_3015
Adrian Fee – IMG_3048
Adrian Fee – IMG_3050
Adrian Fee – IMG_3052
Adrian Fee – IMG_3053
Adrian Fee – IMG_3089
Adrian Fee – IMG_3376
Adrian Fee – IMG_3378
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