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Year 7 English – Exam Essay Practice

February 3, 2020

This week in Year 7 Foundation English, the students are preparing for final exams. For many test takers, the most stressful part is the essay.

Writing a paragraph without grammar or spelling errors can be difficult, and it’s even harder to do under the conditions of an exam. So the Year 7’s are getting some practice in before it counts. Their teacher, Mr. Stephen Daily, shared some example essay answers along with the pertinent contents color-coded and in sequence.

By writing practice essays ahead of the exam, the students will be more confident in their own ability and have less anxiety on the day of the test.

Stephen Daily – P_20200130_143934_vHDR_On
Stephen Daily – P_20200130_143942_vHDR_On
Stephen Daily – P_20200130_143951_vHDR_On
Stephen Daily – P_20200130_144000_vHDR_On
Stephen Daily – P_20200130_144007_vHDR_On
Stephen Daily – P_20200130_144034_vHDR_On
Stephen Daily – P_20200130_144047_vHDR_On
Stephen Daily – P_20200130_144058_vHDR_On
Stephen Daily – P_20200130_144102_vHDR_On
Stephen Daily – P_20200130_144114_vHDR_On

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