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Year 7 English – Choose Your Own Adventure: Reading and Writing Skills with a Twist

April 19, 2018

Choose your own adventure stories are a popular form of entertainment which allow the reader of a story to decide the fate of a main character. Such an approach to reading is not only enjoyable, but also requires the reader to pay close attention to the text in order to make good decisions in the narrative. Year 7 students had the pleasure of playing a modified choose your own adventure survival game, which required teamwork, critical thinking skills, and lots of reading practice. As a follow-up, the students designed, wrote and played their own original adventures!

The process of making the games required students to work as a team, think creatively and compose narrative texts. Each team had to choose the genre, setting and plot of their stories. They also designed flow charts to ensure their games would be viable, which encouraged creative and algorithmic thinking. The overall process included initial planning and drafting, language revision, and a final product. Ultimately, each group created a unique story-driven adventure game. It was a lot of fun, too!

Text written by Douglas Mulvaney

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