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Year 7 and 8 KET and PET preparation- assessments

November 4, 2020

Students in both Year 7 and Year 8 have recently been completing assessments towards their termly grade. These assessments comprised a project and a test. Year 7’s project was to design a new building and describe it; Year 8’s was to invent a person and describe them.

For both years, the key skill students must have shown to do well in the projects was to use tenses correctly, in order to talk about the past and the present of each subject (and additionally, in Year 8’s case, the future).

Some students completed their work while demonstrating a good use of colour, as in the pictures, though this does not necessarily mean a good score – the language will have to be marked first!

I would encourage students to really apply the knowledge they already have, and that which they gain in their English lessons, to produce even better work in future. Additionally, if a student is not sure about their use of language, they can always ask their teacher – they are there to help, and they don’t bite!

Written by John Barker 

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