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Year 6 Science

February 13, 2019

The final test period of the year has provided the Year 6 students with exposure to current climate issues. As we are all aware, pollution levels have been at an all time high recently, affecting everyone in different ways. In class we have been discussing and reflecting on the causes and effects of this problem, along with the larger picture regarding humans’ negative effects on the environment. The students have learned how vital natural resources are in order for us to carry out everyday tasks. By looking at resource transformation they are beginning to understand the alarming rate at which we are recklessly using and wasting our supplies and the damning impact this is having on the world around them. Focusing on the causes of environmental issues has also helped them to understand the steps each and everyone one of us can take in order to conserve our planet for their futures and ways to tackle such issues as pollution to our air and water supplies.

For the final unit of study, students in Year 6 have been spending time in the laboratory, investigating how mixing, heating and cooling materials cause physical and chemical changes. We have already looked at irreversible changes, such as creating casein plastic using milk and vinegar. As the unit continues we will focus on making and separating soluble solutions and insoluble mixtures. I’m sure this will be a fun unit to end an already successful year.

Text by Mr Joe Burman

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