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Year 6 Science and Forces

May 28, 2019

To begin the year, in Science the students have been learning about forces surrounding them and how they work. Forces can be a difficult topic to teach as we can’t actually see them. Although they are not visible to us we can see their effect on objects, such as the Moon orbiting the Earth and objects falling to the ground. In order to help the students visualise the effect different forces have on objects our classes have been heavily focused on experimenting and observing.

After learning how different surfaces affect the levels of frictions produced links to everyday life were highlighted. We discussed the important role increased friction plays in stopping vehicle, making fires and even writing. Additionally, we also learned how increased friction can be problematic and why reducing friction is also important. One example used was how arcade air hockey tables reduce friction by creating a layer of air cushion between the two surfaces. We made our own ‘hovercrafts’ to show how the force of friction can be reduced, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

Air resistance was also explored in details. The students were given the opportunity to investigate how larger surface areas increases air resistance. Through the designing and building of parachutes different sized parachutes they were able to see the effect the force has on falling objects.

Text by Mr Joe Burman

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