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Year 5 Science: Learning about Forces

Monday, September 28, 2020

The first unit of this test period in year 5 science is forces. Students will learn about different forces and have the opportunity to use their investigative skills by undertaking various experiments. After an introduction to the unit, the first force the children looked at was gravity. They learnt that it is a force of attraction that all objects have on each other and that objects of different mass are pulled towards each at the same speed – if it wasn’t for the air around us, a bowling ball and a feather would fall to Earth at the same speed!
The next force they looked at was air pressure. The students took part in several small experiments that showed how air is pushing all around us, and can be shown by simply holding a liquid in a straw with your thumb. The children also investigated how the faster air moves, the lower the pressure it has. This was demonstrated by blowing air through a funnel and keeping a ping pong ball in place.

Text written by Mr Oliver Bluett

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