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Year 5 Mathematics – Pizza Projects

September 16, 2020

The Year 5 Mathematics students have been very busy this past week before the exams. After they had finished the chapters on fractions, they all created their own pizza by drawing it or printing pictures from the computer.

The project consisted out of 2 parts. The bottom part of the box was the pizza they had to create from paper. The top part of the box was where the math came in. Students had to present different toppings, which means there were different fractions. Then they also had to find 2 equivalent fractions for each of those fractions presented by the toppings. Lastly, students had to create 2 word problems as well as showing how to solve those word problems.

They enjoyed the projects very much and I couldn’t have been happier about their fantastic and beautiful work.

Text written by Ms. Ruanda Downing

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