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Year 4 Science Projects in Summer School

Friday, March 30, 2018

In Year 4 summer school science classes, students have been learning and exploring what they know about physics of structures and motion. Students have already finished the first project of building their own towers made of straws and tape. Each tower must be strong enough to hold a tenis ball on the top. They must explore the strength of shapes, consider the stability of the tower and how to build their towers with limited materials. The group of students who built the tallest tower with the materials given was our designated winner from each class.

Now students are working on their next project of ramps. How can we build a ramp that lets a marble roll down and fly off the end to travel the furthest distance. Students consider how the steepness and length of the ramp and motion of the marble will help to make it travel fastest and furthest. We will have a competition in our next class to see which groups have the best design from each class that makes the marble fly the furthest. Best of luck to all our students and may the best win!

Students can look forward to even more projects in summer school that let them explore the science of Biology with topics of habitats and germs, and eventually into the science of Chemistry with topics of atoms and chemical reactions.

Written by Mr. Nicholas Irvine

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