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Year 4 Science – Examining a Fish Skeleton

June 11, 2018

Students in Mr. Nicholas and Mr. Cameron’s Year 4 Science classes examine and make scientific drawings of a fish skeleton in their first labratory activity of Year 4.

Students have been studying about Body Systems in their first unit of Science class. They discover that a body is made from many parts that work together to make body systems and that our body had many different body systems that make a complete human. We investigate further into the Skeletal System to see exactly what it does for our body.

They learn to identify the different parts of the skeletal system and what these parts do for us. In this lab, they see how these same parts of the skeletal system can be found in other animals with a skeleton. We ask them to apply their knowledge that we learned about our own skeletal system to the fish’s skeletal system.

In Year 4 Science, we seek to find activities where students can apply their knowledge through lab work and interactive learning. We look forward to bringing more activities like this to the students throughout the year.

Nicholas Irvine – 20180607_092912
Nicholas Irvine – 20180607_092921
Nicholas Irvine – 20180607_092929
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