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Year 4 Science – Building Model Electric Circuits

November 15, 2019

In Year 4 Science at ACEP, students finished their unit on Electricity. The final project of this unit had them building a model with 2 working circuits of a room layout in a condo. They used all their knowledge from the unit to create some very cool models.

In the project, students imagined that a new condo was going to be built in Bangkok. For this condo, the owner needed to hire people to build all the different parts, including hiring someone to design and build the electric circuits for each room. Students would imagine the best design of the circuits for the rooms and build a working model in hopes that they would be chosen for this job contract.

After some guidance, students were able to build their own switch, which could be opened and closed. They connected it to an LED light and a 3V battery using wires to create a closed circuit. They had to decide where the best place to put the light and switch in each room as part of their design. In the end, the lights were able to turn on and off, just as any simple circuit can do.

It was a fun and exciting project in Year 4. We look forward to the next one!

Text by Mr. Nicholas Irvine

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