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Year 4 Math- Fractions

September 24, 2019

Year 4 students have wrapped up the first term learning about Fractions!
Fractions are a difficult concept for many students in Years 3 and 4. This year students have learned to simplify, convert, compare, add and subtract fractions. At the end of their unit, students were tasked with completing a take-home project all about fractions. Each section of their project tells us something different about fractions. Check ‘em out in the photos! We hope you enjoy!

Text by Mr. Michael Prewett

Michael Prewett – IMG_20190918_133840
Michael Prewett – IMG_20190918_133858
Michael Prewett – IMG_20190918_134143
Michael Prewett – IMG_20190919_140033
Michael Prewett – IMG_20190919_140215
Michael Prewett – IMG_20190920_085631
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