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Year 4 Computers – Word Mania

October 30, 2019

This week Year 4 students have had the opportunity to participate in an English competition called ‘Word Mania’. Word Mania is a word-building challenge in which students race against the clock to build as many words as they can in three minutes. Participating in this challenge helps students develop their literacy skills in areas such as spelling, word knowledge and vocabulary.

During their class time students showed a high level of enthusiasm and motivation to improve their word building skills. Students are also encouraged to play Word Mania during their spare time at home to help earn points for our school in the overall competition.

Matthew Jones – IMG_0758
Matthew Jones – IMG_0759
Matthew Jones – IMG_0760
Matthew Jones – IMG_0763
Matthew Jones – IMG_0764
Matthew Jones – IMG_0765
Matthew Jones – IMG_0768
Matthew Jones – IMG_0769
Matthew Jones – IMG_0770
Matthew Jones – IMG_0773
Matthew Jones – IMG_0774
Matthew Jones – IMG_0777
Matthew Jones – IMG_0778


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