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Year 4 Begins to Study Electricity in Science

November 8, 2018

After a nice holiday away, Science in Year 4 starts up with an electrifying new unit about electricity. What an interesting topic! We use electricity to power many of the items we use every day, but do we understand how it works? What is electricity? Students begin with this question and go on to study different aspects about electricity. How does it work? How can we control it? What is an electric circuit?

In our science lab this past week, after learning about the 2 categories of materials we should know about when using electricity, which are conductors and insulators, students performed a test on different materials to see which type they were. Does the light turn on in the circuit when you connect the wires to a balloon? What about a paper clip?

Finally, they learned about some of the different compenents we use to build a circuit and had the chance to build a simple circuit themselves. It was a fun week which we develop their skills in order to complete a final project for the unit: designing their own electric curcuit for a house and building a working model.

Great things are happening in Year 4 Science. Keep a look out for our Magnetism unit next time!

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