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Year 3 Weekly Assemblies

June 7, 2019

Morning assemblies are a fantastic way of developing a feeling of unity among students and teachers as well as motivating and rewarding those students who perform well or who have achieved something special. Moreover, they are a great opportunity to build confidence and interest in learners while developing core values and life-long lessons.

In Year 3, our assemblies are more than simply an opportunity to listen to announcements. Usually held with a specific theme, students are able to participate and engage with current affairs, topical issues and inspiring ideas. During week 4, students got to hear all about famous inventors and their inventions. It was a lot of fun and we even had student speakers who shared amazing facts and information as well as a questions and answers session.

Our assemblies are also a great opportunity to wish happy birthday to those students who are celebrating that week, to look at the best work from that week, and to give out merit awards and class shields. Everyone looks forward to getting together once a week as a year group!

Text by Mr Paul Reading

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