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Year 3 Fungi Experiment

Thursday, September 3, 2020

As we approach the mid-term exams, Year 3 are coming to the end of their second Science unit all about classifying living things. We have had a lot of fun over the past couple of months looking in detail at the awesome animal kingdom and the intriguing world of plants as well as the strange worlds of fungi and bacteria.

During the fungi unit we carried out an interesting experiment in which students attempted to grow their own mould in a safe and controlled environment. We learned that mould is a certain type of fungi and that given the right conditions, it can grow quickly. We wanted put the theory to the test!

Each student brought a piece of bread and a zip-lock plastic bag to school. Students had to find a place around the school where they thought there might be a build-up of dust or dirt and wipe their bread over that spot. We sprinkled some water on the bread and then sealed it in the plastic bags. We left the bread in a cool dark place and observed it every day for week.

As predicted, mould started to grow very quickly and within just a few days the slices of bread were covered in interesting fungi. The students had a fantastic time and learned a lot through practical application of their knowledge and observable results. The results can be seen below!

Written by Mr. Paul Reading

Paul Reading – IMG-3547
Paul Reading – IMG-3546
Paul Reading – IMG-3545
Paul Reading – IMG-3544
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