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Year 2 – Test Period 1 Clubs

June 10, 2019

Club period is a favourite time for ACEP students each week. During this time, students are able to select different learning activities that appeal to their interests. Often times, they study with a different teacher and with students from the other classes within the year group.

It has been researched and proven that students take more ownership for their learning when they are able to choose topics they enjoy. During Test Period 1 the different clubs offer students a chance to learn new skills, to work cooperatively and give them a chance to socialize with peers.

  • In Prodigy Maths Club with Mr. Jay, students learn Maths concepts using iPad games.
  • In iMovie Club with Mr. Justin, students learn to use computer applications to edit videos and create a short film.
  • In Board Games Club with Ms. Kerry, students play a variety of board games with their friends and learn about good sportsmanship in both winning and losing.
  • In Mindful Colouring Club with Ms. Jennifer, students get to colour intricate designs while allowing their mind to relax and creating beautiful artwork. 

Text by Ms. Jennifer Bradley

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