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Year 2 Outdoor Activities Club

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Outdoor activities combines physical education and classroom learning. These activities reinforce what students have learned in a kinesthetic manner. This aims to help kids quickly recall what they have learned in a fun, student-friendly way. For instance, while playing the game Four Corners students will be given a multiplication or division Maths problem and they have to run to one of the four corners depending on the answer they have chosen. More so, they are expected to do this quickly or they are out of the game.

Students work on listening and following directions by hearing keywords such as stop, run, crawl, roll, and so forth. Students also work on leadership and teamwork by carrying on roles of the “Octopus,” “Runner,” or “Sender” when they play the game Octopus Tag and have to quickly get across the platform without being touched. Students learn to respect each role and how important it is to follow the rules of a game.

Students get to be “kids!” They spend a lot of time sitting in desks or nicely on the classroom mats so it is important for them to run and play. If students are curious about a topic from the classroom, the teachers of the Outdoor Activities club are able to incorporate learning into games that allow students to better learn and retain the information from the classroom.

The last five to ten minutes of club is used for meditation. This helps students settle back into a learning mentality and re-focus their breathing after running around so much.

Text written by Ms. Ashley Patiga.

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