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Year 2 Clubs – Test Period 4

February 17, 2020

We just completed the last session of club for Year 2! Students enjoyed all of the different clubs on offer this year. They liked joining in the fun activities, working with students from different classes and meeting with a different teacher during this special time each week.

Ms. Kerry lead a Brain Teaser Games Club. The students solved puzzles, logic games, learned to play Sudoku and completed mazes. Each student made their own jigsaw puzzle in one session. In another, they worked with teams to build their own maze out of straws!

The Outdoor Games Club with Mr. Justin had to spend many of the days indoors due to poor air quality. They did some dancing and cooperative games indoors. The students still had a great time in this club and used lots of energy participating in these physically engaging activities.

Ms. Jennifer lead a recycled materials craft club. The purpose of the club was to turn used materials from home and school into craft projects. They re-purposed toilet tissue tubes into cute Minions and recycled magazine pages into beads for jewellery making. Students showed great creativity in their crafting.

Mr. Jay taught the students to play chess and checkers using the iPads in his club. The students learned the rules of the games and completed against friends. They employed strategy and problem-solving skills to win games and even competed in a round-robin tournament!

Text written by Ms. Jennifer

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