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Year 2 Assembly in Week 4

Friday, June 14, 2019

On Wednesday morning of week 4 in homeroom, students from the four Year 2 classes joined together for the Year 2 Assembly.

The teachers thanked the students for coming to class as soon as the bell rings which is an improvement. We also reminded them that they can bring a toy to school, but it should be kept in their lockers and not the classroom so as not to disturb lessons.

During the assembly two students from each class that have improved during the previous week received merits awards. Children who receive these should feel proud. For following routines, being good or acts of kindness outside the classroom children recieve terrific tickets. Two students received a small prize this week. We also have four shields that classes can win, The Tidy Classroom Shield went to 2/3 for the class that keeps their room clean all week. The Good Manners Shield went to 2/1 for the most polite class of the week. The Best Lines Shield went to 2/1 for the class that lines up well and moves around the school quietly all week. Lastly, 2/4 won the Assembly Shield for the class with the best behaviour and listening skills during the assembly.

Congratulations to the classes that won shields and the students that earned merit awards during this most recent assembly. Your teachers are very proud of you and keep up the good work.

Text written by Mr. Jay Maxwell

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