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Year 12 Say Farewell to fellow Students and Staff

February 6, 2019

This week at Assumption College English Program School, students in year 12 were preparing for their final exams and taking part in traditional classroom farewells with fellow students and staff.

When asked about their time at school coming to a close, class 12/3 said they were excited about the future, but they were sad to leave friends and teachers behind, class 12/2 said they were equally interested about their next steps but would miss school life, while 12/1 all agreed that the future presented great opportunities, but after six years at Assumption College English Program they were obviously going to miss school a lot.

As students prepared for their final exams, they also took the time to share stories, tell jokes, and reflect on their time together over the past six years. On behalf of all teachers who have taught year 12 over the years, it has been a pleasure to play a role in their progress and we wish them every success.

Text by Mr Dan Montefusco

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