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Year 12 Precipitation Reactions

November 8, 2019

Year 12 chemistry students at Assumption College English Program are investigating precipitation reactions as part of their Solubility topic. It is learned as part of this topic as these reactions only take place when an insoluble product is formed. An added bonus for the students is that many of these reactions, namely the ones involving transition metals produce wonderful colours. It always seems to motivate students to try out more things to see what technicolour wonders they can create.

The students also have to predict which reactions will take place and give a precipitate as well as identifying the ones they have made. It is one of my favourite laboratories to do with students. As a bonus we managed to finish in time to show the gold rain experiment where the lead iodide formed in one of the reactions is recrystallised into reflective crystals resembling flecks of gold. Good job Year 12.

Written by Mr Michael Lams

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