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Year 12 – Honing Key Skills for IELTS

August 8, 2018

This week at Assumption College English Program, the Year 12 students engaged in interactive tasks to further refine skills needed for IELTS reading and writing tasks. In class 12/3, students completed a series of activities in which they had to identify key words and phrases associated with data trends presented visually in a chart or graph. Students then had to match the given descriptions with the appropriate charts before later articulating new data to their partners. In conjunction, the partners had to listen closely for the specific details so that they could draw a graph according to their interpretations. Finally, the students applied their skills by composing original IELTS Writing Task 1 type passages in the computer lab.

Class 12/1 also completed an interactive IELTS task, which focused on IELTS reading skills. Student became their own test creators by writing IELTS style questions based on authentic IELTS texts. Classmates “tested” each other with their custom questions. It was an activity which challenged the students to engage deeply with a text. Students were exposed to lots of new vocabulary as well.

Taking an interactive approach to IELTS skills practice promotes active learning, and is otherwise more engaging than a traditional, teacher-centered approach. All in all, they were a productive series of lessons, and it is hoped that we will see real improvement in upcoming IELTS results.

Text by Mr. Douglas Mulvaney

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