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Year 12 English: Critical Reading & IELTS Speaking

Friday, June 14, 2019

This week at Assumption College English Program, year 12 students have learned to ask deeper and more analytical questions while reading Brave New World, the classic dystopian novel. Using Bloom’s taxonomical framework, the students created their own quizzes with questions which required higher order thinking skills to answer. Afterward, the students tested each other!

Higher order thinking skills are not taught nearly enough in secondary, yet are required for success in university studies and advanced professional careers. By providing students a framework with which to classify types of thinking—e.g. recognizing implicit meaning in an academic text, evaluating the logic of a concept, and imagining alternative solutions to problems posed in a text—they can learn how to think more deeply, and more critically.

This week, class 12/3 also had the opportunity develop their speaking skills related to IELTS speaking task 2. In small groups, each student prepared and delivered a 2-minute mini-speech on a topic relevant to the IELTS examinations. The practice was done in such a way that, by the end of the lesson, each student had spoken non-stop in English for a minimum of ten minutes. Such practice allows our students to gain confidence when speaking for an extended period of time. Throughout the semester, the students will engage in a variety of interesting lessons to prepare them for actual IELTS examinations taken later in the academic year.

Text written by Douglas Mulvaney

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