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Year 11- Titration

June 13, 2019

At Assumption College English Program the science team believes strongly that students should participate in “hands on” learning. Learning to do titrations in chemistry excellently developes a combination of skills. Students have an opportunity to enhance their laboratory skills, in terms of both safety and accuracy. In addition they are required to understand and calculate chemical quantities such as concentration in Molarity. This practical skill demands that they have a working understanding on the concepts of mole amount and dilution.

It is also a very rewarding activity. There is always a sense of excitement and competition between students as they try to determine the end point of the reaction. In this case it is identified by adding the exact amount of sodium hydroxide to get the elusive orange colored solution. The indicator used was, in this case, methyl orange. One drop too much and the indicator turns the solution yellow. Too little and it will remain pink. Once students master this there is a palpable sense of achievement which is rewarding to see. The year 11 Chemistry students did a fantastic job and surprised me with how well and quickly they managed this challenging task. Well done indeed.

Written by Michael Lams

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