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Year 11 Reflect on Rites of Passage Around The World

Friday, February 9, 2018

This week at Assumption College English Program year 11 students completed their project based on the current theme: ‘Rites of Passage.’ This topic stemmed from their analysis of the novel, Fever Pitch, by Nick Hornby. While Nick’s transition from boy to man is comically narrated within the course text, year 11 students took the opportunity to examine rites of passage within a more international context.

Students seemed to be highly motivated in the research phase of the project and impressed their teacher with the sheer variety and depth of presentations and the rites which they had uncovered. Student presentations included insights into Hamar bull-jumping, Crocodile Scarification and even Mundun ‘first hair-cutting’.

Students demonstrated an ability to think creatively and reflect on the various cultural acts from a more global perspective. Their presentations revealed a surprising level of expertise and innovation, while many delivered confident and interesting speeches which contained some elements of critical analysis.

Written by Mr. Daniel Montefusco

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