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Year 11 – Modelling Glycolysis

June 4, 2019

This week at Assumption College English Programme, Mr Ash’s year 11 Biology students have been learning about cellular respiration – the process where energy is released from our digested food.

In year 11, the students begin to learn about the complex stages that make up the whole process, understanding what happens to glucose in order to produce ATP (energy). This is a very abstract topic to teach in Biology, so we used the molecular modelling kits to give the students a visual way to learn how these complex reactions occur, which was the glycolysis reaction in this lesson.

By building each molecule, the students gain a much deeper understanding of how each substance is modified as it goes through a series of chemical reactions. By approaching this from the Chemistry aspect, the students will also gain a better overall understanding of the connection between the different subjects within science.

Text by Mr Ash Preston

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