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Year 11 Maths – Exponential functions

February 8, 2019

In Mr. Bennet’s Maths classes this week students have been using graphing software to manipulate exponential functions and comment on their transformations. Students were leading their own investigations by making changes to the inputs and outputs of their functions and studying the effect on their graphs. Using the DESMOS.com online graphing software helped students to compare the graphs of several functions simultaneously. Students were also introduced to the value e and practiced calculations applied to real situations. Applications of this special value range from rate of financial return or the spread of a virus to the radioactive decay of nuclear material.

Students found using the DESMOS.com interface a lot more flexible than drawing the graphs by hand. It allowed for quick comparison of the transformations. It is available on their smart phones and proved a valuable integration of technology in the lesson. Next up: logarithms and solving exponential equations.

Bennet Hackett – IMG_20190129_114527
Bennet Hackett – IMG_20190129_114535
Bennet Hackett – IMG_20190129_114612
Bennet Hackett – IMG_20190129_114626
Bennet Hackett – IMG_20190129_114807
Bennet Hackett – IMG_20190130_111336
Bennet Hackett – IMG_20190130_112213
Bennet Hackett – IMG_20190130_112230
Bennet Hackett – IMG_20190130_112249
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