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Year 11 Foundation Mathematics; Using Graphs and Statistics to Support Hypotheses

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Recently, in Year 11 Foundation Mathematics with Mr. Bennet Hackett students were continuing their preparation for their unit project. This week students were introduced to the idea of using graphs and statistical analysis to support their hypotheses. Using the very simple context of the variations of height and weight, students were able to critically evaluate their data set by calculating arithmetic mean and standard deviation, as well as drawing a scatter graph to determine the correlation between the variables. Students will be asked to produce a data handling project before the end of the team to demonstrate their critical evaluation skills and ability to analyse and present data. These are important skills in all aspects of STEM work as well as other applications in the wider world.

Written by Mr. Bennet Hackett

Bennet  Hackett – Graphs in stats6(11)
Bennet  Hackett – Graphs in stats Yr. 11
Bennet  Hackett – Graphs in stats 9(11)
Bennet  Hackett – Graphs in stats 8(11)
Bennet  Hackett – Graphs in stats 7(11)
Bennet  Hackett – Graphs in stats 3(11)
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