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Year 11 – Do it IELTS

September 4, 2019

Year 11 students recently experienced a return to mock IELTS exams. Unfortunately, disruptions to the academic timetable due to ACEP Games preparations meant that IELTS study was severely restricted. Writing results, as always, will come from an authentic IELTS examiner. We eagerly await those results.

Year 11 students, in the context of IELTS, have requested more Writing Task One and more Listening practice. “Ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy may be full”. We are currently heading toward the fulfilment of Year 11 joy with those IELTS activities.

Year 10 students continue to work with Gateway (as do Year 11 students), with Science their new topic. They are also in the home stretch of the novel The Outsiders, arguably the favourite novel of students worldwide

Text by Mr John Stillie

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