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Year 11 – Blood Type Challenge

July 19, 2019

This week at Assumption College English Programme, Mr Ash’s year 11 Biology students have been learning about the composition of blood as part of their “Circulatory System” unit. For their laboratory class they focused on blood types, and what makes one blood type different to another.

This activity allowed the class to apply knowledge about proteins and their specific 3D shapes – which they learned in year 10. Each blood cell has a surface protein that determines what type of blood you have. In Science, we regularly show the students how different topics are linked by the same scientific principles, to help develop their global intelligence.

The students were challenged to use a blood typing simulation kit to work out the blood types of 4 unknown samples of fake blood. The process they carried out used antibodies to attach to different antigen proteins on the surface of blood cells, which is the same principle as the one used in hospital laboratories to find out what blood type a patient has. The students enjoyed this hands-on style of learning and the way they had to work out the puzzle of the unknown blood types using their scientific knowledge.

Text by Mr Ash Preston

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