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Year 10 Mock iGCSE Mathematics Exams

July 10, 2018

Recently, Year 10 students sat for iGCSE English exams. This past week, they have also taken the iGCSE Core Mathematics exam and the iGCSE Extension Mathematics exam.

These exams are arguably the most common international exams in the world and provide a benchmark by which to gauge the progress of students around the world. Assumption College English Program (ACEP) students are fortunate in that the school is a recognised examinations centre, meaning that, later in the year, students can sit for exams at ACEP.

The students reported that the exams were a challenge. These mock exams provide teachers with invaluable information concerning the strengths and areas for improvement that we can target. It always allows us to longitudinally track students progress throughout Year 10-12. This week, we were pleasantly surprised by some parents taking a keen interest. Students can enrol for the real exams, which will be conducted later this year.

Text by Mr John Stillie

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