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Year 10 Mathematics

January 10, 2019

In Term 4 of Mathematics for our 10th graders, we are studying Trigonometry. It is critical topic not only in the study of mathematics, physics, architecture, and construction, but in any subjects that involve cyclic behavior. In Foundation mathematics, we have started with the basics of the unit circle, and will progress to sine and cosine rules. In Supplemental Mathematics, Year 10, our students will be introduced to selected topics of Applied Trigonometry, in the second half of this term. Our students have just started to learn the basics of Trigonometric functions at the time of this article. As a practical application of right angled trigonometry, our students will have a chance at applying their lessons to measure the height of an object that they cannot simply put a measuring tape to.

We are looking forward to the challenges of learning a totally new aspect of mathematics! It’s going to be a great ride! PS, Can you spot the student that is really excited about trigonometry? :)

Text by Mr. James Harris

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