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Year 10 Computing – Learning the basics of graphic design

June 8, 2017

Year 10 students in the English/Math program take an intensive computer graphics and design program using iMac computers. Starting with the theme of “Design With Nature”, students learn design theory, but hands-on experience and carefully designed tasks also teach the “little things” that can help them work more efficiently and comfortably with computers and computer graphics.

Simple principles of design, including Balance, Emphasis, Rhythm, and Unity, help any design look more pleasing and professional. Students attempt to incorporate these elements in their graphic designs. For example, one word can stand out with a different colour in a cloud of words to produce emphasis. Objects in a design that have many similarities, but subtle differences, can create eye-pleasing rhythm.

Students practice selecting, legally downloading, installing, and previewing fonts. They learn colour theory, including the RGB and HSV colour models, and how to sample colours from photographs and mix their own. They learn the appropriate uses of vector and raster graphics, and how to use templates, guides and placeholders to create designs that can be generalized, shared, and customized.

Study material, worksheets and web resources hosted on Schoology, ACEP’s Learning Management System, give students the tools and practice they need to master concepts that can be applied to any design environment. Next, students will learn to catalog, select and adjust photographs, and apply these techniques to their own photographs of the natural environment of ACEP’s expansive campus.

Text by Mr. Andrei Androsoff