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Year 10 Biology – Carrying out a transect

February 15, 2019

This week at Assumption College English Program, the Year 10 students have been studying Ecology with Mr Ash. Ecology involves analysing the way different abiotic factors, such as sunlight, can affect the distribution of a species. To do this, the Year 10 students carried out a belt transect on the school field towards an area where there were large trees. They measured the amount of sunlight and recorded how much grass was covering the ground at 1 metre intervals, observing how this changed when there were differing levels of sunlight.

After going outside to collect the data the students then presented their findings in graphs, so they could easily see the relationship between sunlight levels and the abundance of grass. This allowed them to draw scientific conclusions from reliable data that they had collected, following the proper scientific process.

Ash Preston – IMG_4007
Ash Preston – IMG_4008
Ash Preston – IMG_4009
Ash Preston – IMG_4010
Ash Preston – IMG_4012
Ash Preston – IMG_4013
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