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Year 10 and Year 11 English resumes

July 13, 2020

The most unusual of academic years has begun – in fact it began on May 18 with distance learning via the Zoom application. However, the novelty of studying in their pyjamas, with hot snacks, cold drinks, stuffed Snoopy dog and Clarky cat has well and truly worn off.

Year 10s have started reading the classic teenage tale The Outsiders. A story by a teenager for teenagers about teenage issues, it is popular with most students. In class, we will read the novel together, exploring the themes of the book, including class warfare, identity, coming of age, and the crazy world of Arthur Brown.

It has not always been smooth sailing. Some of our students were unable to access the online code relating to their respective textbooks. Despite some misadventure – one child was stuck in an area of the internet the size of Ireland – we finally got everyone online.

So far, students have worked hard and have not let the unusual circumstances created by the global pandemic affect them in any way. Well done to all Year 10 and Year 11 students. It has been a very satisfying beginning to the year.

Text by Mr John Stillie

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