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Year 10 & 11: IELTS Mock Exam Preparation

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

In the first week of December, Year 10 students will complete their first mock IELTS examinations. In this instance, they will complete the Speaking and Listening tests. Year 11 will also take those tests.

At the beginning of Term Two, Year 10 and Year 11 English students completed a diagnostic listening test to determine which section they struggle with most. Following long-time IELTS teacher and expert, Stephen Raine, Year 10 students will complete Section One of different Listenign tests to ensure that they score all the easy points in the mock exams, as Section One is generally considered the easiest section of all.

However, Year 10 students will focus primarily on Speaking, as it is perhaps the most difficult part of the mock test for first-time candidates. Last semester, Year 11 students prepared quite extensively for Speaking. This time, they will focus on improving their Listening scores, particularly in Section 3 of the listening test.

Good luck to all!

Text by Mr John Stillie

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