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Year 1 Learn All About Plants

October 28, 2020

Our students and teachers are very lucky to have access to so much nature here at Assumption College English Program.

Year 1 made full use of our spacious grounds when learning about plants in Science recently. The students were set a challenge – to take photos of different types of plant parts. They found and took photos of lots of different types of leaves, stems, flowers and even roots. We also found lots of different places where plants grow – in soil, on concrete, on walls and even in water!

Once we got back to the classroom, the students shared the photos they took with other students and learned from each other. This was also a fantastic way to practice our speaking skills!

This nature walk was an interesting introduction to our Plants unit, where the students will be doing lots of exciting experiments and activities over the next couple of weeks.

Text written by Mr. Tommy Morgan


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