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Year 1 Homeroom with Brother Siriroj

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Year 1 had a very special homeroom recently where we got a visit from our vice director Brother Siriroj Viriyasirimongkol.    

Brother Siriroj began by teaching the students about Assumption and some common Assumption symbols they see around the school. This was very helpful to our students as they continue to settle into life here at ACEP. 

Next we learned about the importance of prayer. Brother Siriroj explained the prayer we say each morning at assembly to the students. We talked about how prayer can help us and those we love. The students discussed things that are important in their own lives and brainstormed things they will pray for in the future. 

Finally, we talked about the importance of kindness and how even a small act of kindness can improve the world around us. Brother Siriroj told the students some very interesting stories that encouraged the students to reflect upon kindness. We look forward to the students putting what they have learned into practice both here at school and at home. 

All the Year 1 teachers and students would like to thank Brother Siriroj for a very interesting homeroom and we hope we will get another visit soon! 

Text written by Mr. Tommy Morgan

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