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Year 1 Animal Art Club

October 9, 2020

Club is the highlight of the week for many of our Year 1 students here at Assumption College English Program.

Club is popular because students get to do fun and new activities while learning with students from another class. This means they have the chance to make new friends and improve their social skills, and it helps to build a really friendly atmosphere in Year 1. It also offers students the chance to practice their English skills in a new and relaxed setting, often with a different teacher.

One of our Clubs this year is called “Animal Art Club” with Mr. Tommy. In this Club the students have been learning about sea animals through art activities. The students have practiced painting, finger painting, cutting, gluing, drawing and colouring so far. This allows the students to show creativity, learn new vocabulary and practice their fine motor skills. So far we have made rainbow fish, seahorses, jellyfish, sharks and ocean collages.

Well done to all the students who have created some truly amazing art work!

Text written by Mr. Tommy Morgan

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Tommy Morgan – 3D38BA45-520B-4584-B376-32411F824481
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Tommy Morgan – 26B427C6-F8F0-4E98-84E5-B5A02EEFBA1C
Tommy Morgan – 69A30AC3-FC43-4DBC-91D9-2DC0A9119CEB
Tommy Morgan – 75F70624-27B7-443B-993B-67D37C176A6C
Tommy Morgan – 78A2A5B6-6688-494C-9E53-3865801D368A
Tommy Morgan – 227DB674-A25B-425B-B259-877A236816BF
Tommy Morgan – 256B9497-781E-4734-A134-D2D93DB9B1C5
Tommy Morgan – 7223573F-B22B-4D55-9A5B-EA16BCF76D4B
Tommy Morgan – E1F9509F-5D26-4DCD-8236-1FA5DE4A633F
Tommy Morgan – EB40DDBC-EFAC-4224-8236-ED01DD1B1A10
Tommy Morgan – F7E5A085-4B5F-45C4-9019-0782749B81F2
Tommy Morgan – F27570F1-D53C-48BD-A4F2-AEDBC4886A5E
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