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Year 9 Students Excited to Begin New School Year

Thursday, May 17 2018

Students in Year 9/2 of ACEP Secondary spent their club period on Thursday taking candid class photos together with their two homeroom teachers, Mr. Dax Ward & Ms. Vorranun Vongsurapaitoon.  These students, as well as all ACEP students, are very excited to be back at school with their friends & teachers to begin learning in the new school year.  Mr. Dax took some of these pictures with his drone, but most of them were taken by Year 12 student Rachapol Suriyaprapadilok, a very talented student photographer.  Year 9/2 students & teachers had a great time spending this period together striking poses and smiling.  At ACEP, teachers take academics very seriously, but they also know how to have fun with their classes, which makes for a relaxed and positive learning environment.  Club sign-ups will be next week, but during the first week of each term students spend the period with their homeroom teachers.

This Year 9/2 class, as well as all students and teachers at Assumption College English Program, are looking forward to another exciting year of learning, activities and accomplishments!

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