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Y12 Creative Computer Students Learn Blender 3D Modeling

Monday, December 3, 2018

Students in Year 12 Creative Computers lessons are learning to design 3D models & render conceptual images in the Blender software application. Students have been learning with their teacher, Mr. Dax Ward, training in the use of Blender 3D graphics and animation software to model creative, unique, and interesting 3D designs and rendered images.  Thus far, the students have designed various drinking glasses, geographic shapes with metallic/glass materials, robots, and more.  Some of the best models designs will be printed using our 3D printers in ACEP Secondary.

20181121dw037 copy
20181121dw023 copy
20181121dw044 copy
20181121dw082 copy
20181121dw057 copy

The class has only been going a few weeks, but students have already shown notable interest and skills in their overall technological and design abilities. A major goal of Year 12 Creative Computers is for students to build and refine their creative interests and abilities via the use of technology and related software. Mr. Dax is looking forward to seeing more creative results from these imaginative students over the remaining term.


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