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Y11 – Story Telling Competition

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Last week, students in Year 11 at Assumption College English Program showcased their English storytelling abilities.

Nine students from across the year group battled it out in a Story Telling Competition, allowing them to not only show off their English speaking skills, but their public speaking skills. Intonation, gesture, body language as well as actions, props and comical voices were all put into action in a wide variety of stories from classic fairy tales to absurd and hilarious anecdotes.

Vocal democracy decided this year’s champion with a vote conducted by the volume of cheering, although all contestant could be called winners in the eyes of the ACEP staff. The great show of skill and the brave show of confidence from our contestants was complimented nicely by a show of maturity and enthusiasm from their peers in the audience.

Written by Mr. Philip Henderson

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