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Y10/Y11 STEM Update

July 19, 2018

ACEP Academic year 2018 is off to a flying start with ACEP STEM. We have several Y11 students that have returned from studying abroad. And I believe the Y11 students are surprised at how far they have advanced compared to the students that have just returned. It is rewarding as a teacher to see the students learn how to do the some of the various skills needed to make our modern electronic world possible.

The Y11 students will soon start assembling their mini (tiny tiny) 4bit computer processor. Some of our students are getting very proficient at assembly. It is becoming difficult as an instructor to stay ahead of their ability! But that is a good thing!!!!

One of the photos is a mosaic of several of our students work. I think you will be impressed. They are gaining confidence, learning to work independently, using and understanding technical English more, and are learning to persevere through challenging times with every new project.

We will soon enter the theoretical part of the class so that they can better understand what they are building and get ready for the Science Fair for those who want to do an electronic project. It is going to be an exciting year! I can’t wait!!!!

Written By James Harris, BSEE, MSEd

james harris – Student Work Example – Y11
james harris – IMG_20180703_112049
james harris – IMG_20180703_112031
james harris – IMG_20180703_112015
james harris – IMG_20180703_102903
james harris – IMG_20180626_145355
james harris – IMG_20180626_142752
james harris – IMG_20180626_142726
james harris – IMG_20180626_142719
james harris – IMG_20180626_110633
james harris – IMG_20180626_110621
james harris – IMG_20180626_110610
james harris – IMG_20180626_110457
james harris – IMG_20180626_110447
james harris – IMG_20180626_110436
james harris – IMG_20180626_110413
james harris – IMG_20180626_110342
james harris – IMG_20180626_110339
james harris – IMG_20180626_110333
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